Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In this respect, COZA has established the following polices:

To continually provide Home Automation solutions with the most advanced technology to satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectations (whether it be our distribution channel or our end consumers) and the several opportunities that the market segment in which we operate present us.

To be aware of and comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our products in the different geographical areas where we do business.

To build and cement a long term beneficial relationship with our customers, distributors and suppliers that allows us to develop and sell products that meet the demands of the market as efficiently as possible (time to market).

To continue to improve the productivity and efficiency in the company procedures to avoid product failures and claims from customers while at the same time improving the company’s capacity to remain innovative and competitive.

Implicate all members of the company in fulfilling this policy.

The planning, maintenance and control of the quality management of COZA will at all times be focused on these principles by establishing specific objectives for each level and function.