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Why Do We Love A Smart Home?(And You Should Too!)

“Home is where the heart is”. No matter wherever you go, there is no other place like your own house. Change is constant and so with everyday changes in the things around us, It is very important to adapt to the change and embrace it. Smart Homes are future proof and people have already started swapping their normal homes for a smart home. COZA believes in delivering the best Smart Home experience one can ever have and has a wide range of products to enhance your living experience. 

The best thing about COZA is that it is manufactured in India. Not only does COZA have a range of products that are at ease and make your life better, but it also comes at a very affordable price.

COZA Smart Home: Imagination to Reality

Dreams and Fantasies are not subjected to age and we all have dreamt of an ‘Ideal’ home. Not just the interior but also something that gives us comfort and the essence of technology. As technology transcends, That dream ideal home can now be a reality with COZA. Let’s take a look at your imaginations and how that can be changed into reality.

Automatic motion sensor lights: Ever imagined walking in your house and it lights up automatically? Well, now that is possible with COZA Smart homes.

Automatic AC control feature: What if we told you that now you can come home to a chilled and cozy weather no matter what the temperature outside? With the COZA Automatic AC control feature, it detects when you are around your house from a 500m radius and you just have to relax when you arrive. 

Voice Over Command feature: Hey Siri!Hey Alexa! Turn on the lights/ Turn on the AC. You just say it, and it happens. So comforting and hassle free! With COZA you can even do this and make life much simpler.

Features of the COZA In-built Touch Switches:

We have an extensive range of Smart Touch Switches and Smart Sensors that totally evolve your living experience and make it better. Our switches and sensors have the following features:

  • Feather touch – just like your phone
  • Mobile application – To control everything with a click
  • Shock proof – Water resistant unlike the normal switches and thus shock proof
  • 5 years warranty – To deliver the best services to you
  • Talk to your home – Voice over command to simplify everything
  • Retrofit – Goes well with your interior and looks elegant

Benefits of switching to a COZA smart home

There are innumerable benefits when you choose COZA to modify your living experience. Let’s have a look at some of them..

  • Future proof– With the constantly changing world and new technologies, Home automation is the future and COZA closely works on how to make your living experience better and simpler. 
  • Security– Make your life stress free with COZA home automation as you can always review and allow who enters your home.
  • Safety– COZA smart switches are shockproof and waterproof and that in itself explains how necessary it is to switch to COZA.
  • Convenience– Life becomes so much more simpler with voice over commands and a click on your phone as you can control these things at your convenience by your voice or your phone. COZA home automation delivers both of these. 
  • Affordable– COZA Home Automation and Smart Switches come at a very affordable price and give value for money with its 5 year warranty policy.
  • Energy Saver– Even when you forget to switch off lights or any electrical appliances/gadgets, you don’t have to worry with COZA Home Automation as you can now control it from the comfort of your phone thus contributing to the environment.

COZA has given its Magnificent Home Automation Experience in more than 10+ cities with 20+ dealers all over India and is continuing to deliver its excellence for 4+ Years now. 

Switch to a better Home Experience, Switch to COZA Home Automation. 

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